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This food blog is created by Denisa Čermáková




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Terms of use

Here I would like to tell you terms of use of the blog Cook with Toucan. By accessing this food blog, you agree. Please, read these terms carefully.

Whole content of this blog is protected by copyright (photos, texts of recipes). Nothing from my food blog you can present as your own creation.


  • Can I present your photos and recipes on Facebook?
    • Yes. If you do it through buttons “Like” or “Share”.
  • Can I copy your photos and texts of recipes, and use them on my own websites?
    • No. You can’t present my photos and texts of recipes as your own.

I reserve the right to delete every comment, that:

  • will be hateful or insulting character
  • will manifest political opinions
  • will be racist
  • will be vulgar or any other way abusive

This blog deals with food. I don’t want to have any personal opinions here that have nothing to do with food.

I’m not responsible for any negative impacts, damages and injuries that can come depending on blog using.

That means:

  • It is possible that you don’t manage to cook every dish I present on my food blog (I don’t know anyone, who managed to cook everything for the first time, to this day I remember my own beginnings).
  • It is possible that you will not enjoy every meal you find here, although you cooked it right (national cuisines are different and everyone likes something else).
  • It is possible you can injure yourself during cooking. Please, be careful during cooking! And don’t hurry! Cooking is not a race.

My web site tracks site traffic (what articles you read on my web site, from what site you come, IP address is anonymous). This site doesn’t collect any personal information. These functional cookies are used as the legitimate interest of the administrator. You can disable the use of cookies in your browser.

If you send me some e-mail or comment on my recipes, it is your own decision. You can add comments on my site anonymously. For example: Name (Toucan), Heading (Comment), Text (write something about my recipe).

I promise you in return that I added only my own recipes on this food blog - I cooked, took photos, wrote and tested each dish I present here.

Finally, I would like to write one more important thing. Sometimes, the amount of ingredients can be little different, for example:

  • each ground pepper has another taste (is more or less strong)
  • when I will write “medium onion”, everybody imagines slightly another size of onion
  • each handful has not the same volume

These terms of use are valid since date I published them on this food blog.

The last update of terms of use: 9. 12. 2018

Thank you for reading smiley