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Sweet red wine sauce with cranberries

This recipe is connected with recipe for pork collar marinated in red wine with cranberries (you can find this recipe here: link Pork collar in red wine with cranberries). I think the red wine sauce with cranberries fits perfect to every grilled or sautéed meat – not only to pork, but to beef and chicken too. So I add on my food blog separate recipe for this sauce. You can prepare it without having to cook it together with marinade for meat :)


Ingredients for preparing sauce for 10 – 11 servings:

  • red wine (500 ml = 0,9 pt. UK = 2 cups)
    • I use Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot
  • 2 medium bay leaves
  • dried cranberries (80 g = 2,8 oz.)
    • big cranberries chop coarsely, small cranberries leave whole
  • sugar (1 – 2 tbsp., to taste)
  • unsalted butter (90 to 100 g = 0,2 to 0,22 lb., to taste)
    • cut into cubes (size approx. 0,78 in.)


  • put small pot on the stove
  • pour red wine and add bay leaves
  • bring to boil
  • when it starts boiling, turn temperature down (boil at medium temperature)
  • add cranberries
  • add sugar to taste (add spoon by spoon – taste after each spoon)
  • boil for 35 minutes
  • then remove aside from stove and allow to cool
  • when mixture is lukewarm, add unsalted butter and stir well
  • you prepared sauce for grilled/sautéed pork collar
  • if you don’t want to use sauce promptly, put it in the fridge
  • if you will serve the sauce next day after cooking, warm the sauce before serving (the sauce has to be warm, but it mustn’t boil)
  • always serve warm


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